Reasons Why Most Women Struggle To Get Bigger Lips

big lip transformationThere isn’t much you can do when it comes to genetics. Some women are born with bigger lips while others have thinner ones. One factor may be because of one’s ancestry. If your ancestors lived in hotter climates, they might have had more fullness, which is why you have fuller lips. If your ancestors came from colder regions, they probably had thinner looks.

Our bodies are amazing. We have our own cooling mechanism. When we are hot, our body has ways of cooling us down. This is imperative to our continued survival. One of the ways your body cools itself down is by disseminating heat as it comes into contact with colder air. When we are hot, we do a lot of our breathing through our mouths and that acts as a gateway for colder air to enter our bodies. The larger your mouth is, the more the heat can be disseminated. People living in hotter conditions gradually evolved to have lips that accommodated that.

Can Climate Changes Be Blamed For Smaller Lips

In colder climates, you want to retain as much heat as possible. In this case, smaller lips limit the amount of heat that can exit through the mouth when cold air comes across. This may also be an evolutionary adaptation.

Regardless, some people have them and some people don’t.

If you don’t have full lips, it’s not a problem. If  you want them, there are ways that you can have the plump you desire. Apex product can be an effective way to getting fuller lips. Here’s a few methods on how to achieve your fuller look goals.


Invest In A Lip Plumper

One quick method to having fuller lips is to buy a plumper. There are a variety of forms but it is applied to your lips like balm or lipgloss. They cause a slight irritation to your mouth that makes it appear fuller for a couple of hours. The ingredients in the product encourage blood to flow to your lips which make them swell slightly and redden. This gives the appearance of fullness.


Take Better Care Of Yourself

water lips hydrationIf you want thinner looking lips, having them dry and chapped are the quickest way to achieve that. Drinking water and keeping your lips hydrated is key to having a fuller look. Just being aware of your lip-health and taking better care of them can improve their appearance.

Avoid licking your lips. Your saliva is actually acidic. That acid removes the natural oils from your outer mouth area with causes irritation and dryness.

Smoking irritates and discolors your mouth. If you want fuller lips, ditch the smokes or use an e-cig instead. If you do have discoloration from smoking, you can rub almond or coconut oil on them daily.

Moisturize your lips. Keep some balm in your pocket at all times. Use a moisturizer that has an SPF to protect your skin from UV light. Being exposed to too much sun is a one-way ticket to dull looking skin. Protect your mouth with these tips and more.


Make-Up Hacks

If you want a more natural look, choose nude shades. If you want more dramatic, choose reds or pink.

Use the plumper product as a primer. Combining it with your make-up will maximize its effectiveness.

Lining your lips will make them look bigger. Line the outer edges, fill the outer parts with a darker color and the inner parts with a lighter color (of the same shade). Make sure to blend to make it look more natural. Apply a coat of gloss.

Use a highlighter on the middle. Just a small amount of cream, powder, or balm dabbed on your lips will make them look fuller when it’s blended.

Use a little eye shadow underneath where your bottom lip meets with your skin. This will give an appearance of a shadow under. This makes them look as if they are sticking out. Make sure you choose a color that’s darker than your skin tone.

Keep in mind that this list does not include everything that you can do. These are just a few methods to get you started. There are other methods you can pursue depending on if you want a temporary or permanent solution.