Do Plumped Lips Give You More Appeal?

attractive women lipsHaving bigger and fuller lips has been a growing social trend. We can’t help the looks we are born with. Some women have thinner lips while others have full ones. It seems that fuller looks are more generally more attractive. Studies suggest that there is also a scientific reason for the appeal of big lips. Men generally find it more attractive, and the reasons seem to stem from a primal level.

Bigger and fuller signals superior genetic makeup. Full lips indicate an aligned jaw and thus suggest that you have good genes. Men may be drawn to this on an instinctive level as the desire to pass on their genetic code.

Red lips also adds to this. In primates, the females’ lips become red due to increased blood-flow making them appear redder. This makes them more appealing to potential mates. The same is true in humans. Having plump red lips is universally more attractive and considered sexy.

In addition, paler lips signal a lack of red blood cells (like anemia) or abnormalities in red blood cells.

Why Bigger Lips Have More Attractiveness To Them

The BBC reported that bigger lips are more appealing to men as well. There is a formula for determining attractiveness. Factors such as shape of the mouth and eye shape are significant in determining if someone is appealing to the opposite sex. There is also a certain mathematical ratio to distinguish an attractive face from an unattractive one.

Scientists and psychologists have concluded that some types of lips are more appealing than others. What makes one woman seem sensual or pretty? What makes hers different from other types of lips? Plastic surgeons have also asked the questions. They have looked through multiple pictures trying to answer these questions. Where does the beauty lie? What is the perfect mouth?


A Few Features Of The Ideal Lips

The width of your mouths should be 1.6 times the width of the space between the bottom of your nose and your upper lip. The reason why this is appealing is because it fits the golden ratio.

Note: The golden ratio is a Greek concept. A simplified version is: a/b = (a+b)/a = 1.6

If you were to draw a vertical line from your pupil down, an ideal mouth will fit within those vertical lines.

Your upper lip should be a little bigger than the lower. It should have a gentle curve that peaks. This peak is called “Cupid’s Bow”.

Your lips should be redder.

These are only objective standards and that is not to say if your lips don’t fit into these categories that you’re not attractive. It is just an arbitrary measurement. If you are looking to gain fullness, there are things you can do to increase more plumpness.


Buy a lip-plumper

Buying a lip plumper might be your best solution. They work similar to
lipgloss but they have an ingredient in them apex lip plumper productthat gives your lips a temporary appearance of fullness. This is probably the quickest option to fullness. Other options may take time or money.

Use Natural Remedies

A quick internet search will reveal multiple ways from essential oils to scrubs to help make your mouth get a natural plumper look. The best part is that these are inexpensive ways that you can incorporate in conjunction with the other methods. You might even have the materials lying around your house.

Take Care Of Your Mouth

Whether you want fuller lips or not, you should take care of them. As we age the collagen doesn’t produce as well as it did in our younger years. It’s important to take good care of your them. Drink water, moisturize, and even try exercising your mouth to keep them young and beautiful.

Try Making Your Make-Up Work For You

There are ways to do your make-up that give the appearance of more plumpness. Using certain highlighters and choosing the right color can improve the appearance. Although it isn’t a permanent solution, it is something you can try if you want the look.


Surgery comes with a lot of side effects and sometimes doesn’t get the job done. There are more affordable ways to achieve fuller looks but you also have the option of surgery.